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App Development Checklist

What is a Sumo Logic App?

A Sumo Logic app is a set of pre-built Sumo Logic dashboards and searches that analyze data from one or more vendor products. Examples: VMware Carbon Black, Jenkins, Linux.

Apps are hosted in the Sumo Logic app catalog.

The App Intelligence Partner Program

The Sumo Logic App Intelligence Partner Program allows trusted Sumo Logic partners to build Sumo Logic applications that are part of the official Sumo Logic app catalog. Partners are responsible for the support and maintenance of the app.

The app development process is divided into the steps below. By following these steps, the app can be developed alongside Sumo Logic to ensure you can publish apps in the Sumo Logic App Catalog as soon as possible:

Note: Please send all documents and artifacts outlined below to:

Step 1: Submit an app for consideration

Partner fills in the App Launch Sheet and send to for approval.

Step 2: Sign Documents

Once, the app request has been approved, the partner signs the Mutual NDA and the Sumo Logic Contribution Agreement. Sumo Logic will route these documents to the partner for review and signature via DocuSign.

Step 3: Learn

Partner applies for a Sumo Logic enterprise development account using this form.

Partner can use the following resources to get started with Sumo:

To get technical help please join the Sumo Logic Dojo or contact

Step 4: Prepare and Review Documentation

Technical documentation describing the app will be hosted on the partner’s website. The partner can use this template to get started.

Step 5: Technical Review of the App and Documentation

Once the app is developed and the docs are written up, the Partner contacts to schedule a one hour review session with Sumo Logic. A couple of reviews may be needed.

Step 6: Technology Artifacts to get the App in Catalog

The partner will provide the following technology artifacts to to push the app to the Sumo Logic app catalog:

  1. App Name: i..e what do you want the app to be called as (e.g. Carbon Black, Cloudflare etc.)
  2. Author: e.g. Sumo Logic Inc.; Acme LLC etc.
  3. Logo (Icon is 72x72px png on a transparent background)
  4. Hi-res screenshots of all dashboards
  5. Text file with sample log messages (use the export search results feature.)
  6. Link to technical documentation (on the partner site). Use this template. This link must be publicly accessible (not password protected) as it will be made available in the Sumo Logic App Catalog when customers click on the app as well as will be linked to from the Sumo Logic DocHub.
  7. Export of all Dashboards and searches
    1. Partner will develop app dashboards and searches in a top-level folder
    2. All the dashboards and the top-level folder will need the description field to be filled in (before exporting to JSON). Instructions on how to export are here.

Step 7: Launching Your App

Please send each of these deliverables to when done:

  1. Partner fills in a template for the app/integration to be showcased on the Sumo Logic Apps page
  2. Partner writes a blog describing the integration and how it benefits joint customers. Our recommendations is that the blog (after approval) be posted on the Sumo Logic website first and then on the partner website (for SEO purposes). (This is optional but highly recommended)
  3. Partner develops a short 2-4 minute video describing the integration. This is optional but highly recommended so field teams from both companies can understand and explain the joint value.