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April 20, 2016 By Melissa Beck

Sumo Logic Combines Logs, Metric Data in Analytics Service

If you are looking for application logging solutions, the “direct-to-cloud” approach is usually your best option. This approach however, is not necessarily a panacea for all of your logging and monitoring needs. Depending on your business requirements around logging and monitoring, this initial approach may be all you ever need. Or, you may find out later that your needs have changed, and you need to modify your approach to increase reliability, or to capture full stack logs.

Sumo Logic is committed to making it easy to capture all of your application data. If you are running on AWS, your AWS specific logs from Cloudtrail, S3, Elastic Load Balancing and many more will most likely end up in Amazon’s Cloudwatch Logs. The solution Amazon provides for distributing these logs for analysis is Amazon Kinesis. With help from the Sumo community, Kinesis is also getting the Sumo treatment. For developers already using Kinesis to stream their logs, they can now also stream to Sumo through the Kinesis connector.

If you are not yet using Kinesis and are instead using something like S3 to store your AWS logs, consider making the switch. Storing your logs in a file system like S3 increases the time it takes for other applications to collect use and analyze those logs. And let’s face it, as long as it remains un-analyzed, that treasure of data is basically a useless waste of storage space. Instead, Kinesis treats your logs as a continuous data stream which allows near real time analysis instead of forcing you to wait to see your data. Logs from the Kinesis stream are transformed into JSON by the new Sumo connector and all fields can be conveniently extracted by Sumo's JSON auto-parser. The community project can be found here on GitHub.

To get the most Sumo functionality out of your technology stack, visit our GitHub page to see all open-source projects: ready and in-progress. If you would like to see more Sumo support for your technologies, come join the community help us out!

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Melissa Beck

Melissa Beck is the senior director of global communications at Sumo Logic where she drives communications and engagement across employees, customers, and the social media sphere.

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