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  • United States

Leading ERP unlocks real-time visibility for 4,000 users across 120 teams

  • Challenge


    The leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for aerospace, defense, healthcare, hospitality, human resource management and automotive industries is applying a cloud-first strategy to support its more than 58 million users on AWS and Microsoft Azure.

    To help its customers achieve business-wide digital transformation, the company needed the right data and insights to understand how development releases impact user experience. With software delivery as a backbone of the business, the company needed fast access to data so support operations could quickly analyze issues as they arise and provide customers with rapid incident response and resolution.

  • Solution


    Sumo Logic stood out amongst the many options because of its robust, cloud-native platform that would readily scale to support the company’s 12 TB of daily logging volume. The company adopted Sumo Logic to deliver on its vision of centralizing telemetry data to gain granular visibility across DevOps, InfoSec, infrastructure and other teams.

  • Results


    Real-time visibility accelerates troubleshooting and improves
    software release quality
    With the Sumo Logic platform, the company’s DevOps team uses data and dashboard analysis to monitor development and release cycle impact on product performance. Using an agile software release cadence, the company introduces monthly product updates. Before adopting Sumo Logic, it was challenging for DevOps teams to investigate new issues and to pinpoint a code change that was introduced three months earlier as the root cause of the problem.

    “Our DevOps teams can now run fast analysis and effectively troubleshoot software issues. Sumo Logic provides us with real-time access to our current and historical data, so our software engineers can quickly run queries to identify the source of a code issue. This makes it easy to correlate an issue occurring today with a code change that was made months earlier.”

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