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“With Sumo, we’ve drastically reduced the time it takes us to detect and respond to these issues, allowing us to consistently meet our service level objectives.”

Cameron Baker, Engineering Manager, Infrastructure Group

TruSTAR gains a “bird’s eye view” of operational performance and demonstrates SOC 2 Type 2 compliance with Sumo Logic

  • Challenge


    With their enriched threat data offerings, TruSTAR places a priority on providing a high-performing platform that makes it fast and easy for customers to get the information they need. However, TruSTAR needed a unified and streamlined way to understand how well their platform was doing across their infrastructure. This includes a footprint of AWS services, including Amazon GuardDuty and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). The company’s engineering team lacked a rapid method to prototype and report on the typical customer-centric experience at any given moment. It was challenging to answer questions like: how long does it take a user to login, or how long does it take a user to request a certain type of data from the platform? In addition, the company needed an affordable approach to store their log data in a separate, offsite location, which was essential for the company’s SOC 2 Type 2 certification.

  • Solution


    TruSTAR deployed Sumo Logic’s cloud-native log monitoring, analysis, and retention solution to gain a singular picture of the health of their platform. This entailed building out monitoring for millions of lines of daily logs to aggregate all the TruSTAR platform’s production applications to derive insights into how well the environment is performing.

  • Results


    Providing the engineering team the data they needed to better support a positive customer experience was at the top of TruSTAR’s first projects with the Sumo Logic solution. The team wanted to gain a strategic understanding of their platform’s performance to better ensure customer satisfaction.

    “The components of Sumo Logic that we lean on heavily for data monitoring and aggregation help us to determine how fast and accurate our platform is performing, at any moment. Sumo Logic allows us to proactively determine when there might be problems we need to address well before a customer experiences it,” said Cameron Baker, TruSTAR’s Engineering Manager, Infrastructure Group.

    With Sumo Logic in place, TruSTAR can clearly see how users are experiencing the company’s platform and where any errors are occurring, and the solution provides the tools they need to easily drill down to quickly figure out why an error has occurred.

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