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Accelerate the shift to continuous innovation

What is Continuous Intelligence?

The rise of software-centric business

Digital business is fueling the rise of the software-centric business – a new business model in which software applications directly execute business strategy, delivering differentiated customer experiences in an ‘always-on’ constant fashion. Such organizations depend on greater flexibility in their IT architectures, which is why many rely on cloud-mobile IT architectures for the speed and agility to produce products as services that can engage customers across a diversity of desktop and mobile devices.

Software-centric businesses are also forging a new innovation model, known as ‘Continuous Innovation’ to speed the pace and agility of innovation so their branded experiences remain fresh, personalized, valuable and immediate.

The rise of software-centric business

New challenge: Rising complexity & risk

The importance of continuous innovation cannot be underestimated since we expect it to be customized to each company’s operational and cultural practices. But, if mastered, the payoff is high for it represents a new source of competitive differentiation, one that we expect will define the next generation digital business winners and losers.

While the opportunity to create new, compelling business models is great, continuous innovation also has a shadow side: the increased complexity and change incurred by IT system environments as they look to accelerate their software development and delivery practices to meet the demand for relevant, fresh and ‘sticky’ customer experiences. How do companies address this issue, while keeping their differentiated customer experiences satiated? The answer lies within the IT infrastructure itself — the systems and software breeding a tsunami of data that, if mastered, provides IT and application owners the insights they need to manage, maintain and troubleshoot their IT/application worlds.

New challenge: Rising complexity & risk

Continuous innovation three-pillar model

At Sumo Logic, we believe mastering your data will enable you to minimize complexity and risk in your IT environment, thereby accelerating your proficiency towards continuous innovation.

To build continuous innovation capability, we recommend focusing on three key pillars:

  • An agile, technology infrastructure, such as cloud-based services, like AWS
  • Continuous development and delivery models, such as DevOps, which encompasses your culture, operational and development processes and technology practices
  • A solution that delivers Continuous Intelligence, so you can master your data in a continuous way, achieving real-time insights that lead to faster investigations, problem solving and insights for business value
Continuous innovation three-pillar model

What is Continuous Intelligence?

Fundamentally, continuous intelligence is Sumo Logic’s approach, delivered as a service, to enable customers to accelerate their shift to continuous innovation.

Sumo Logic delivers continuous intelligence capability through:

  • An always on, current, scaling, elastic, learning (through advance machine learning algorithms), secure (the most advanced cloud-based security model in the industry) service
  • Built-in, advanced analytics, uncovering patterns and anomalies across the entire infrastructure and/or application stack

From this, customers gain a service model advantage to more fully realize continuous innovation potential quickly and securely. The result?

Real-time business value in the form of:

  • Speed to value (fastest to deploy)
  • Speed to resolution (fastest troubleshooting)
  • Speed to discipline (enabling new operations processes and practices to become customer best practices that contribute to competitive advantage)
  • Speed to data insight ubiquity to support business cycles, pace, the creation of new value and growth
What is Continuous Intelligence?

Continuous Intelligence with Sumo Logic

In summary, continuous intelligence with Sumo Logic helps customers build continuous innovation capability by providing:

  • Visibility across the entire infrastructure or application stack, surfacing both knowns and unknowns
  • Speed to investigate and resolve issues. Our solution does much of the work to set the stage – collecting, centralizing, and reducing millions of data streams into patterns, and revealing anomalies – so you can troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly, often in minutes or hours, as opposed to days or weeks
  • Insights that become opportunities to improve application performance, brand and customers experience
  • The ability to operate and innovate in the cloud with security and confidence
  • With the continuous intelligence approach from Sumo Logic, IT leaders and users can accelerate their shift to continuous innovation to increase competitive advantage, business value and growth.
Continuous Intelligence with Sumo Logic