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SIEM Environment - Definition & Overview

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SIEM Environment
What is a SIEM Environment?
What are the capabilities of a SIEM Environment?
SIEM Environments can help with the following certifications
Sumo Logic is the SIEM Environment for You
SIEM Environment
What is a SIEM Environment?
What are the capabilities of a SIEM Environment?
SIEM Environments can help with the following certifications
Sumo Logic is the SIEM Environment for You

SIEM Environment

Before SIEM solutions, cybersecurity teams had to monitor each of their various applications, endpoints, and network hardware through a number of individual tools. They also had to rely on several solutions to collect, assess, and interpret data from the disparate parts of their infrastructure.

Rather than replace these tools, SIEM tools act as a kind of manager and integration layer that oversees and functions on top of your existing infrastructure, allowing you to gather, store, and assess that data in real-time, easily readable formats.

What is a SIEM Environment?

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Environments are virtual spaces in which log data is collected, interpreted and represented visually. The SIEM environment is that unified, integration layer that sits on top of your systems and infrastructure.

SIEM environments aren’t just about logging events. They’re about detecting suspicious activity and recognizing security breaches in real-time. SIEM environments ensure that you’re storing and managing data ethically, keeping your systems secure, and providing the most efficient, cost-effective, and timely data management solution for your organization.

What are the capabilities of a SIEM Environment?

  • Data aggregator: SIEM environments automatically collect, store, and interpret data in easy-to-read and digestible formats. SIEM environments provide real-time data aggregation that allows you to monitor your entire cybersecurity and data management infrastructure from a single source.

  • Searching capabilities and forensic analysis: The SIEM environment will make it easier for organizations to parse through countless logs, even if they were created weeks or months in the past. SIEM environments allow security teams to easily search through logs and enable their forensic analysis process.

  • Reporting system: SIEM environments interpret and report on data logs, events, and suspicious activity throughout the environment, providing teams with real-time reports on any potential security breaches within their infrastructure.
    • Reporting systems present digestible graphics, models, and visuals

    • Run simultaneously on same servers as web applications

  • Additional Features in some SIEM Environments

  • Basic security monitoring: SIEM environments provide basic security monitoring for all of your various endpoints, hardwares, and apps.

  • Advanced threat detection: Automated monitoring and machine-learning features allow SIEM environments to detect threats and data breaches before they’ve done harm to your systems.

  • Forensics & incident response: Forensics capabilities will allow you to search through millions of logs, events, and incidents with ease and efficiency.

  • Log collection: As organizations scale and grow, so too do their log collection needs; SIEM environments will ensure they’re covered on their log collection and storage needs, regardless of how large they grow.

  • Normalization: Forensic analysis will help teams parse through tedious log normalization.

  • Notifications and alerts: The power of automation means SIEM environments will provide instant notifications and alerts.

  • Security incident detection: In order to minimize any breaches that your systems may incur, security incident detection needs to be swift and reliable.

  • Threat response workflow: Advance SIEM environments include workflow and case management that will help improve and hasten investigation and threat-response processes.

  • Security event correlation: SIEM environments are quick, but they’re also accurate. Security event correlation capabilities will ensure you’re identifying the source of security threats.

Compliance maintenance: Any organizations that collect, store, and interpret data have to stay within compliance and regulatory standards; SIEM solutions allow you to always meet the mark on your compliance needs.

SIEM Environments can help with the following certifications

As different industries and different regions in the world continue to enforce regulatory laws and compliances, the ability for companies to meet these standards is becoming more and more necessary. Below are just a few of the same major regulatory acts and standards that organizations need to abide by.

  • HIPAA — The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability ACT has strict, regulatory safeguards that correlate to sensitive patient data. SIEM environments meet those strict needs and guarantee you’re in line with regulatory updates and ongoing standards.

  • PCI — The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard encompasses a set of regulations that oversee the management of another sensitive industry: credit card data and cardholder data.

  • SOX — The Sarbanes-Oxley Act helps protect investors from fraudulent financial reporting.

  • GDPR — The General Data Protection Act provides EU citizens with a laundry list of protective measures related to the way in which companies collect, organize, and share their data. This applies to companies based in the US or outside of Europe but still cater to European customers.

Sumo Logic is the SIEM Environment for You

Sumo Logic is your all-in-one, multi-purpose SIEM environment. Backed by the power of automation and machine learning, Sumo Logic’s SIEM environment is a cutting-edge solution that will monitor and troubleshoot in real time, act on threats instantly, and help you make smarter decisions.

Sumo Logic’s SIEM cloud platform will ensure you’re ready for compliance or regulatory audits anytime, anywhere. Resolve issues instantly, aggregate data efficiently, and keep your organization safe every time with Sumo Logic today.

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