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Unlimited cloud analytics in no time

Real-time SaaS platform to operate and secure your applications at cloud scale.

Sumo Logic knows cloud operations and analytics

Our cloud-native, multi-tenant platform helps you make data-driven decisions and reduces your time to investigate security and operational issues. Here’s how.

Collect And Centralize

Collect & centralize

More than 150 applications and integrations make it easy to aggregate data across your stack and down your pipeline.


Search & investigate

Real-time analytics help you rapidly identify and resolve potential cyber attacks, detect and prevent breaches, and reduce compliance costs.

Monitor And Visualize

Monitor & visualize

Customizable dashboards align teams by visualizing logs, metrics and performance data for full-stack visibility and reliable delivery.

Alert And Notify

Alert & notify

Machine-learning algorithms work 24/7 and alert you if there’s an important event or problem to fix.

All your data. All your insights. Together.

  • Operations Intelligence
  • Security Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence

Your data



Cloud systems & infrastructure

SaaS service

Mobile devices

3rd-party systems & feeds

Our analytics


Scalable & elastic

Machine learning


Advanced analytics

OOB security

Your people



IT Ops

Customer Success


Data Scientists


Analyze your data differently

Don’t settle for legacy solutions to modern problems.

Built to scale

Built to scale

An enterprise-grade, secure multi-tenant architecture

Our service processes more than 200+ petabytes of data and handles 20+ million queries daily for over 2,100 enterprises around the world.

An elastic solution to scale as you need

Instantly scalable analytics that will never lock you out or slow you down — no matter how much data you send or how many people use it.

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Cloud economics for all your data

Cloud economics for all your data

With an innovative cloud-based licensing model, customers pre-purchase credit capacity that can be flexibly applied to pay for data and capabilities within your platform.

  • Cost aligned to the value to the business
  • Powerful analytics that fits any budget
  • Unlimited flexibility to use capabilities
  • No license waste and no penalties
  • Fully automated and self-service licensing
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Machine-learning powered analytics

Machine-learning powered analytics

Insightful analytics

Identify and predict anomalies in real-time with outlier detection and uncover root-causes using our patented LogReduce® and LogCompare pattern analyses.

Powerful and intuitive query-based analytics

Unshackle power users with a rich operator library and empower all users with easy to use search templates.

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Security by design

Security by design

Built-in security from the ground up

Protect your users' data with best-in-class security technologies, rigorous security process, and daily rotated, per-customer encryption keys.

Built with security-first principle in and for the cloud

SOC 2 Type 2, PCI DSS 3.2, Privacy Shield, CSA Star and HIPAA certifications.

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Powering modern enterprise

Powering modern enterprise

Break down data silos

Encourage collaboration and increase transparency with shareable dashboards, searches and reports. Reduce friction and foster innovation with a platform designed for multiple use cases and teams.

No need to reinvent the wheel

Encourage adoption and collaboration with SAML and Active Directory. Protect sensitive data and maintain key controls without introducing friction with powerful role-based access control.

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