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Cluster wide Kubernetes visibility

Get instant insight into the health and performance of Kubernetes

Unified Platform

Unified visibility

Combine metrics, logs, events, and security to create a real-time view of the performance, uptime, and security of your Kubernetes platform.

Deeper Insights

Application-centric visibility

View your Kubernetes environment through its different hierarchies: node, deployment, service, and namespace, rather than being forced through the lens of a server-based approach.

Cloud Systems And Infrastructure

CNCF standards-based

Leverage CNCF endorsed collection tools like FluentD and Prometheus.

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Live out-of-the-box dashboards

As the Kubernetes environment changes and new services, pods, nodes are added, Sumo Logic’s dashboards will adjust in real-time always showing you the live state.

Use Kubernetes monitoring to solve the most important issues

“Sumo Logic’s service-focused approach allows us to quickly trace customer issues down to Kubernetes problems, in a simple, easy-to-use interface.”


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Resolve issues quickly with a new view of Kubernetes

Tie together DevOps and SecOps

Tie together DevOps and SecOps

Displaying security information within the natural hierarchies of Kubernetes, we can enable a consistent view across DevOps and SecOp to build closer and more efficient DevSecOps cooperation.

“Adoption of the Sumo Logic platform across our organization has quickly grown helping us to move and operate with a more focused DevSecOps approach.”

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Get rich data at every level of your stack

Get rich data at every level of your stack

Rich metadata enables Sumo Logic to automatically build out the explorer hierarchy of the components present in your cluster, and keep the explorer up to date as pods are added and removed.

“With Sumo Logic, it’s like somebody took the blindfold off, and we could see what was potentially impacting our business.”

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Reduce the time it takes to identify and solve problems

Reduce the time it takes to identify and solve problems

Taking action often starts with gaining better visibility. Kubernetes has various hierarchies and Sumo Logic allows you to look at your data through these different lenses — depending on the situation.

“Sumo Logic is instrumental in helping our DevOps team streamline our alerting and incident management process to reduce downtime issues.”

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