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Modern threats require modern solutions

Managed service provider (MSP) and managed security service provider (MSSP) partners embed Sumo Logic into their managed services offerings, increasing reliability, delivering more value, and improving customer experience in a format that is both cost-effective and enterprise-ready by utilizing modern SaaS SIEM.

Legacy SIEMs were architected and developed more than a decade ago and have not kept up with key challenges including the explosion of data volumes and the evolution of today’s threat landscape.

Although SIEMs have evolved over the years, they are still fundamentally flawed because they can’t scale and are forced to limit their analytics to small samples, leaving analysts flying blind because alerts lack the critical context of the surrounding data that would help investigations.

Compare Legacy SIEM Vendors to Sumo Logic’s
Modern SaaS SIEM

Legacy SIEM Vendors

  • Single-tenant architecture
  • High complexity and prolonged time to value
  • Lengthy search/investigation times
  • Poor or non-existent multi-cloud support
  • Security is isolated from other teams (e.g., ITOps, DevOps, LOB, etc.)
  • Immature, static content and workflows
  • Limited integrations with modern cloud workloads and SaaS solutions

Modern SaaS SIEM (Sumo Logic)

  • Cloud-native elastic scale
  • Quick time to value
  • Automatic alert triage and conversion to Insights
  • Streamlined analyst workflows and intuitive heads-up display
  • Focused on critical incidents worthy of immediate investigation (eliminates the ‘noise’ for analysts)
  • Robust search & custom correlation capabilities
  • Pre-built integrations and the ability to create custom dashboards
  • Cloud and modern integration and DevOps coverage
  • Out-of-the-box analytics that evolve as threats do
  • Self-service provisioning and multi-account management with Sumo Organizations

Manage multiple Sumo Logic accounts with Sumo Organizations

Simplify multiple deployments with this multi-account management solution to monitor and manage operational and security intelligence at scale through a single platform

Sumo Organizations is a new approach to managing across organizations on our Continuous Intelligence Platform™ and Cloud SIEM Enterprise. Sumo Organizations allows you to seamlessly navigate between a variety of organizations and achieve increased visibility into parent-level, child-level, and overall consumption patterns.

Additionally, with Sumo Organizations, Partners have the ability to monitor and troubleshoot on behalf of customers in order to easily evaluate relevant dashboards, queries, and alerts for a wide array of use cases - from deciphering unexpected exfiltration of firewall data, to assessing unexpected breaks in an e-commerce payment pipeline.

Manage multiple Sumo Logic accounts with Sumo Organizations

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