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Application Modernization

Powerful infrastructure monitoring all in one place

Optimize infrastructure and uncover bottlenecks with visibility into the stacks and tools your teams already love.

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Modern infrastructure monitoring

Sumo Logic has over 175 out-of-the-box integrations to monitor and optimize your current infrastructure—on-prem, cloud, hybrid—and future proof it for new technology.

Monitor the health and performance of databases

Gain visibility into the health, performance, and behavior of your databases with KPIs, such as failed logins, slow queries, connections or deadlocks for technologies like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL, and more.

Monitor the health and performance of databases

Harness the power of serverless functions

Ensure optimal performance, monitor and manage cost and enforce security for your AWS Lambda functions.

Harness the power of serverless functions

Identify bottlenecks in your containerized environment

Take advantage of native integrations and built-in monitoring, diagnostics, troubleshooting and security dashboards with the Sumo Logic Kubernetes App.

Identify bottlenecks in your containerized environment

Optimize infrastructure with global benchmarks

Optimize your infrastructure and gain insight into usage patterns and best practices by leveraging golden-signal benchmarks based on our community data of popular services like Apache, NGINX, and Kubernetes.

Optimize infrastructure with global benchmarks

Machine-learning-powered analytics

Proactively identify critical cloud application problems by easily correlating performance issues with errors and failures across the infrastructure.

Machine-learning-powered analytics

Flexible solutions for infrastructure monitoring

Gain visibility across your applications to proactively manage your infrastructure.

Unified Platform

Unified platform

Consolidate all infrastructure telemetry and take advantage of unified analytics and best-in-class security attestations.

Multi cloud

Multi-cloud monitoring

Eliminate blind spots with full support for AWS, Azure, and GCP apps, services, modern architectures and integrations with your favorite cloud monitoring tools.

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High cardinality

Collect all metrics regardless of the number of distinct values in your data sets to effectively manage your Kubernetes and container environments.

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Data tiering

Vastly reduce data management costs by identifying the data that’s important to analyze in real time or that is needed just for ad-hoc analysis.

One place for infrastructure visibility

Get the power of end-to-end visibility across your application infrastructure.